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Original idea for a travel souvenir

Date: 20 November 2020

Who doesn't want their travel memories to stay fresh forever?


It's perfectly human to want to keep a physical memory of a vacation. Whether you splurge on your travels, buy a cheap souvenir, choose a free souvenir, or just take lots of photos, there is always something to look back on when you return.


But how do you keep bringing interesting memories from your vacation every time? Well, we've got you covered. In this blog post, we share some souvenir ideas to remind you of your travels around the world 🙂


Souvenir ideas for your next trip


Here are some ideas to inspire you to bring back interesting memories from your trip.



Aaaah Paris, the city of lights, love and cheese platters on the boulevard saint germain terrace. You can't go home after visiting Paris without bringing a ton of souvenirs. The customizable City Case Paris case will make an excellent travel souvenir. You can choose to put a word, a sentence or a quote that will summarize your trip, you can choose in the map the precise place you want to print on your case.


Of course, we have cases for each city, and they are all completely customizable.






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