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CITY MAP: A collection to have the city you love everywhere on you

Date: 16 October 2020
It is these 4 pillars that were at the origin of the creation of the CITY MAP case. A customizable case to carry the map of your city of your heart everywhere on you, at any time. You can choose to carry the city where you grew up, the one where you spent your best vacation, the one where you want to live, or the one where you live every day! The CITY MAP case can also be a wonderful gift to offer, its sobriety and modern style make it a luxury accessory to dress up a phone. You can personalize it as you wish, for example by putting a message on it for the person receiving it. Personalization is simple, it is done in 3 steps: Step 1: Enter the name of your city, your village, your neighborhood ... in the search engine CITY MAP Step 2: Choose the color of the case (white, black, turquoise blue, red, khaki) Step 3: Customize texts and/or emojis. That's it, it's done! All that's left to do is select the smartphone model from a drop-down menu, and bim! Your case is ready! There are no bad surprises, your case is exactly like the one you see on the site, we don't apply any changes, you designate, we execute! What you need to know : You can choose any city, village, town in the world. If you don't find the place you want on our site, you can generate it automatically in the Create your city tab. The design is sober and uncluttered. We created this design in the spirit of the great French fashion houses. Our City Map case is a true luxury accessory unique to each client, custom-made at a very affordable price.
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