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How to digitalize your business

Date: 20 November 2020

The digitalization of a company is a set of processes that aims to make a company digital. 


All sectors of activity are concerned, whether you are a service company, a construction company, in the industrial sector or other, digitalization is a crucial step in your development strategy.




The advantages of digitizing a company are numerous. We can mention, among others, the widening of borders because the notion of distance is suppressed. This means that digitization makes it possible to reach a wider audience.


Moreover, the transmission of information is instantaneous. The sharing of content and the ability to modify it at any time promotes collaboration between staff members, collaborators and partners.


Another benefit is the time saved by making certain operations automatic. Finally, the risk of errors is reduced because anomalies are easier to detect and repair. 




The website: It is the most important tool for the digitalization of a company! Opt for a site, fluid, pleasant to use, with a nice design and work to make it well referenced on search engines and social networks.


The mobile application: This tool is excellent to promote your brand, your service company or your product. It's a much more attractive format for smartphone users, and it's usually much faster than a site, and it allows for better data retention and better customer loyalty. 


The Casetact : The Castact is a shell that integrates your business card and a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone's camera. In just a few seconds, your contact information is saved in your contact's phone book! No need for a special application or to install anything, everything is done automatically, and above all, Contactless! 


For those who prefer to keep the aesthetics and sobriety of a business card, it is also possible to get a card with the same technology and serving the same purpose. This card has the particularity of being infinitely reusable. 


The Casetact products allow a total digitalization of the exchange between professionals. This is a fundamental step for all companies wishing to modernize. 


In short, the digitalization of a company is an essential step for all companies wishing to begin their international expansion.


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