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How to find a good personal and unique birthday gift?

Date: 21 October 2020

This year, it's not certain that we will be able to celebrate birthdays with all the family and friends because of Covid-19!

But to mark the occasion, we suggest you to select your surprises on our online store and send them directly to your family and friends!


How can you do it? By simply selecting the delivery address of your relatives, it's as simple as that!


Now that that's said, let's move on to the serious subject: How to find a gift, what do I say, a perfect and unique birthday gift?


For sports lovers

If, and only if, the gift you're looking for is for a sports lover, we have exactly what you need! Fan of the blues, PSG, Barça, or even the Mannschaft, we have a soccer case for all tastes! Mix gifts with passion and it's the good surprise GUARANTEED!


For the lovers of trends

At the forefront of trends, dresses only in unique and original pieces, feeds exclusively on quinoa and avocado toast, absolutely can't live without the Pilates class every Thursday... Remind you of someone? If this is the profile for which you are looking for a birthday gift, you've come to the right place!

We have a wide range of design cases for all profiles and tastes: Tropical, marble, Name case, astrology, yoga, GRL power.... And so many others! If you don't find the right gift in this list, we don't know what to do for you!


For a very personal gift

You know the story of Narcissus, a mythical character who loved himself so much that he spent all his days looking at himself? Unfortunately for him, he lived in a time when Woopcase did not yet exist, the unfortunate man was forced to stay crouched on a lake to admire his reflection!

But that was before! With our photo case collection, you don't need a lake or a river, everything is done on a case! If you're looking for a case for a narcissus, it's to the photo case that you have to turn :)

You can of course also put family photos, pets, children or even grandpa and grandma.... The choices are unlimited!


For those who love their city or their origins

If you are looking for the gift of gifts, the one that will please everyone, no matter what their profile, tastes, age or culinary preferences, the City Map case is the obvious choice!

Refined, minimalist, sober, the City case is a true luxury product that can be personalized and unique to each customer. You absolutely can't go wrong in offering this little gem that is the joy of our customers around the world!

You can offer him the city of his birth, the city of his heart, or the city where you met. The choices are unlimited, you can't go wrong!

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